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Filmmakers and Entertainment Professionals

why-you-pageAs a filmmaker, actor or entertainment professional you are oftentimes in need of a “home away from home” while on location. Why settle for less comfort at a generic hotel or a production trailer for the duration of your shoot when you can stay in an affordable, yet luxurious fully furnished apartment?It is likely that you will be spending upwards from ten to twelve hours on set each day while on location. The last thing you want is to come back to a crammed living space in a production trailer, packed with other actors or filmmakers. At Stay Awhile you will get the peace of mind necessary to get the beauty sleep you deserve—without distractions. Regardless of your production budget, Stay Awhile is here to make your time in New York City comfortable and pleasurable. We offer a variety of prices and room options in order to suit your individual needs.

Business Professionals and Executive Stay

Stay Awhile offers corporate housing solutions for individuals seeking extended stay options of six months or more. All of our business or corporate housing come complete with utilities and furnishings. Our goal at Stay Awhile is to take care of all of the minor details so that you don't have to sweat the small stuff. All you need to do is make your reservation, pick up your key and move in—it's as simple as that! Our business and executive stay options offers the comforts and conveniences you need so that you can work, live and socialize with peace of mind.

Features of our executive stay rentals include

  • Furnished apartments, complete with kitchens
  • Free wireless and high-speed Internet access
  • Television and basic cable
  • Simplified billing via one monthly invoice

And more…

At Stay Awhile our goal is to make your time away from home productive and successful. Please contact us for more information on how our executive stay and business rentals can help you make the most of your time away from home.

Job Assignments

Perhaps you're a contractor living in Maryland with a six-month contract in the city or perhaps you're traveling from Hong Kong for that important investment meeting at the NYSE. Regardless of your situation, Stay Awhile is here to ensure that your stay is comfortable and affordable. At Stay Awhile we understand how difficult and tiring it can be to be away from your loved ones—even if for a couple weeks. This is why we strive to be your "home away from home". All of our rooms are furnished and come equipped with a fully functional kitchen and cookware. Select spaces offer in-room laundry.

Vacation and Holiday Options

New York City is a central hub for vacationers worldwide, whether it's for the holiday season, summer vacation or simply enjoying the diverse culture, incomparable museums, attractions, restaurants, entertainment and shopping that New York City has to offer. In 2012 alone, statistics show that New York City had over 60 million domestic and international visitors throughout the year.With that said, Stay Awhile is the ideal option for vacationers and travelers during the holiday season and throughout the year. We offer safe, affordable and flexible, and not to mention luxurious and fully furnished. While our short-term and long-term rates vary, they are much more affordable than any corporate or executive stay options in the area.

Stress-Free Living

Stay Awhile is the perfect living solution for people who crave a carefree and stress-free life. For example, renting an apartment or condo in the city also means paying at least five separate bills each month such as rent, electric, gas, cable and Internet service. We understand that this can make for unnecessary stress. Guests at Stay Awhile will only ever be required to pay one bill each month—their rent. This means that there is NO phone bill, NO outrageous cable bill, NO water bill NO maintenance bill and NO gas bill. We provide our guests with the stress-free living options that they deserve—every single month, all year long. We would never require anything more from our guests, regardless if their stay is six months or more! Please contact us for more information on how you can start living stress-free today!

Displaced Individuals/Medical Needs

There are times in our lives where we are hit with an unexpected event. Sometimes personal reasons mean you need a comfortable and affordable place to stay—Stay Awhile is the ideal choice. We will work to ensure that you're more than pleased with your stay. Stay Awhile offers unbeatable prices on all of our rooms and offers top-of-the-line amenities for guests. Just because you're going through a rough patch in your life doesn't mean that you need to fuel the fire. We are here to help you through all of your transitions —every step of the way. All of our furnished rooms offer a fully equipped kitchen with cookware and utensils, basic cable television, high-speed Internet access and local phone services.