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John R., DE

Stay Awhile literally changed my life. For over a year I was paying over $3000 a month to stay at a local hotel during the week while my construction company had a contract in the area—then I heard about Stay Awhile. I have managed to save a good $1000 by taking advantage of FCL. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a week eating out, I have been able to buy groceries and cook dinner in my room. The amenities are also great…beats any of the local hotels.

Samantha, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the great customer service! I've never been happier with a temp living situation. Keep it up!

Johnny B. Hollywood, CA

Thank you for all of your consideration. As an indie director working with ultra low SAG budgets I've spent time in some interesting hotels, but I will never go back! Spending three weeks in my room, even for just four hours a night, has been well worth it. I wake up and have a bowl of cereal and a freshly brewed cup of coffee and I'm ready for my day! I couldn't thank you enough!

Frederick G.

Thanks so much for all of your help. We found the pillowcase with towels, clean sheets are on the bed and free toiletries in the bathroom. Thanks for the call and the email and the service!

Georgia P., TX

It has been the perfect start to our life here. Thank you.

Tina S.

We are very happy with your excellent services!

Peter S.

Big kudos to Nikki R. and Stephanie A! They were responsible for making our transition as easy as possible. They provided me and my family with quick responses, problem resolution and amazing customer service. Thank you!

Man Soo Li, Shanghai

I've received only excellent service from Stay Awhile and would like to thank them for working with me. It's been a perfect start to my graduate career and has made the move to New York City from Shanghai much easier!

Evan and Lee R., MD

I would like to thank you for all of your help over the last few months as you've been very helpful and prompt with all of your replies. You've made our stay more comfortable and my wife and I felt very happy interacting with you and your team. It's a huge plus having a brand new apartment to stay in and you helped to erase any worries we had about our transition. Thanks again for everything.